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Surgical Strike 2.0: Pakistan gets a clear message in India that hosting terrorists and staging terror attacks will prove Expensive


The pre-emptive Indian Air Force strikes in Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir who’ve hit peaks of Jaish-e-Mohammed and other terror outfits will deliver a powerful message to our unfriendly neighbour. Following the dastardly Pulwama assault that killed over 40 CRPF jawans, Pakistan had analyzed India’s patience by doing nothing to dismantle ISI’s terror infrastructure.

Given that both countries have nuclear weapons Pakistan will be wise to consider the risks of needless provocation. The endeavor to emphasise India through dread will henceforth have more repercussions for Pakistan. Questions are being asked in Pakistan about the way in a replica of their Abbottabad strike by United States, IAF can enter and depart Pak territory without being contested.

The Indian side also worried that it took care to avoid civilian casualties and that this was an operation targeting terrorists rather than Pakistan military installations. Having accomplished its tactical objectives, India should remain vigilant against an escalation with Pakistan forces. Security on boundary villages have to be tightened and much more international pressure must be brought to bear on Pakistan to dismantle its terror facilities.


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